Customer Service

If you ask our councils what's the biggest benefit of working with Tentaroo, they'll say it's our customer service. Features aren't worth much if you don't know how to use them or get stuck!

Unlimited customer service is included for all of our clients so please get in touch if you have any questions, feature requests, or want to schedule training.

We have a support desk you can use for smaller requests/questions; however, you can also self-register for online video sessions at any time for longer questions or training.

Organic Workflow

Our systems are based on our depth of experience and are designed with your experience as the priority. This priority is reflected in every area of our business - in the attentive, beautiful, fun designs of the systems we provide, in our customer service, in our daily motivations and choices. Our goal is to understand you and your camp even better than you do, so we can provide a cohesive, intelligent solution that will just make sense for you and all of your users.


Reports and Statistics

Tentaroo has a wide array of built-in reports and statistics that make it simple to get the information you need, when you need it. Some of the reports are generated in PDF format so you can print them with one click. Others contain a wealth of information as a CSV export that can be used in Excel and other programs to drill down to exactly what you want for a mail merge or for your end of season reports. More reports are added all the time! Here at Tentaroo, we believe that reports are critical to running a business smoothly. If there's a report you need, we'd love to work with you to make it a reality.


Secure and Reliable

Tentaroo utilizes cutting edge technology to provide an experience that is secure, reliable and fast under of any kind of traffic you get. We designed Tentaroo from the ground up to address these priorities - from the server and datacenter, to the database and front-end user interface. Part of our ongoing priorities is to continually improve our security, reliability and speed, providing unparalleled performance and stability in every product we offer.


Easy To Get Started

To get started, please schedule a demo so we can show you a live system and answer any questions you have.

Once we receive a signed service agreement and the upfront fees it usually takes a few days for your camp system to be live and ready to go.

We'll get you started with the system, then schedule training sessions so you can learn hands-on. Our pricing includes unlimited support, both during the setup and on an ongoing basis.



Multiple Camp Locations

  • Supports any number of camp locations.
  • Each location has its own contact information and can be configured at any time for events and/or facility reservations.
  • Includes campsite capacity management.

Events - Event Types

  • Multiple types of events can be created for each location.
  • These event types are like templates for events, each with its own contact information, billing settings, fields that are shown and/or required in the registration process, etc.
  • Events can be configured for individual registrations or group registration estimates.
  • With the event type settings in a centralized location, keeping your events up to date becomes easier and less error-prone.


  • Under each event, there are a huge number of features available to you for managing any type of event. Here are some highlights.
  • Supports campsite and individual deposits.
  • Supports pricing schedules by date, type of participant, In Council vs Out of Council.
  • Includes ability to automatically increase the pricing for all unpaid participants.
  • Manage registrations for the event, changing campsites and overriding rates as necessary.
  • View campsite capacities compared to registration totals at a glance for your entire camp.
  • Message Center. Used to send out custom messages to registered groups.
  • Includes a wealth of reports relating to the specific event. Includes blue cards!


  • Extremely powerful reservations system that is light years ahead of the competition in terms of usability and functionality.
  • Users can see at a glance, for any time period, which facilities are available.
  • A trip can then be created to manage the reservations and billing in one central location. Each reservation in the trip is listed in a handy itinerary report.
  • It's easy to add facilities at any time with pictures, descriptions, attributes and pricing rates.


  • Supports time and timeblock based class scheduling. Also supports day-based scheduling.
  • Track requirements completed and attendance.
  • Maximum capacities and age restrictions.
  • Combination classes. Allow a collection of classes to be added to the camper's schedule as a group, while still allowing requirement tracking, attendance and reports to work with the classes individually.
  • Classes can be copied in bulk from one event to another to save time when creating new events.


  • An easy, drag and drop system for creating camper schedules.
  • Takes into account any class requirements including age or class size restrictions, class fees, and days and times on which the class is offered.
  • Campers can feel confident that they schedules they create will be valid when they get to camp.
  • Unscheduled Classes - At camp, it's easy to add extra classes to a campers schedule. This can make tracking requirements a lot easier if the camper finished one of their classes early and now is working towards another.

Message Center

  • Send custom, richly formatted messages out to anyone who has registered for an event.
  • Messages can be saved for future use.
  • This feature is just one more example of how Tentaroo makes it easy for you to maintain a high level of communication with those registering for your events.


  • Includes many pricing and payment features to accommodate complex pricing and billing requirements.
  • Payments can be required up front, or made over time, per your billing schedules.
  • The amount paid so far can be used to control which campers can sign up for classes and when.
  • Full accounting reports.
  • Payments may be accepted online with credit cards and/or eChecks.


  • Generate PDF invoices OR send out invoices automatically via e-mail. These invoices can be customized by you with specific due dates, notes and amounts due.
  • For each invoice batch, you can choose to bill the entire amount due or a specific amount per youth participant.
  • Invoices show a full breakdown of fees due as well as payments to date.

Tracking Requirements

  • Track both attendance and requirements completed under each class.
  • In one screen, you can enter the instructors information and use checkboxes and buttons to select days of attendance and requirements completed.
  • Only list the requirements that you teach at your camp.
  • With this information, Tentaroo can print instructor class rosters with columns for each requirement that you teach, as well as providing buttons to mark each corresponding requirement as completed in the system.
  • Supports printable blue cards and other reports for your campers than can be generated at any time.


  • Tentaroo comes with many reports built-in. These reports have been added over the years, based on feedback from the councils all over the country that we work with.
  • Flexible payment and accounting reports.
  • Event rosters.
  • Check-in reports.
  • Year overview statistics and reports.
  • Participant class schedules and instructor class rosters.
  • Blue cards and other requirement completion reports.
  • Reports from all past events are kept available for your campers, camp and council to access.

Security, Reliability

  • Includes ability to specify exactly what each user is allowed to change in the system.
  • Overlapping updates are always prevented.
  • Reliable data centers.
  • Frequent data backups.
  • All communication is encrypted using the latest standards for e-commerce security. No credit card information is ever stored.
  • No money ever goes through Tentaroo, money from payments are received directly by your merchant account and bank.