Transitioning to Tentaroo

Transitioning to a new provider is a big decision. Here at Tentaroo we’ve compiled a few questions to help you in your transition. Please feel free to call us anytime with any questions you have!

The following questions are food for thought.

Reports. Are you able to generate the reports that you want directly from your current system? Can you or your units easily pull records from the past? How much time would you save if you always had the information you needed, easily accessible?

Ease of use. How long does it take you to setup a new event? How long does it take units to register for camp? Do units have to learn several registration processes for different types of events? Does your system fit the way you do business, or do you have to mold yourself to it? Is your system designed for Boy Scouts?
How many events/facilities are still using paper registration? How much time is wasted manually processing, documenting all of that information?

Integration. Do you have to managing several separate systems, making updates in more than one spot? Does your website always show what’s available for registration? How easy is it to track payments/camperships?

Customer Service. If you have a question, how quickly can you get an answer?

Events/Camping.  What’s holding your camps/events back from growing? What’s hurting the unit experience?

Communicating with scouters. Do your units know what’s available for registration and how to register for it? Do units and other staff have good visibility into registration numbers, balances, and class completion statistics? How easy is it for a unit to get a clear invoice that shows their payment status, along with what exactly is due, when and why?

What is it like for units to pick classes for summer camp? Do they get good documentation after camp about what their campers did?

Online payments, invoicing. Is it easy for units to pay online? Is it clear to them what they still owe and why?

What are the most common requests you get from your units? What are their most common questions?

Accuracy. Do you trust your current system?

Trust. How accurate are reports, pricing, etc.? Do surprises come up for you or campers? Can units rely on a predictable, accurate experience? Do you ever have to deal with overbooked events, wrong pricing, class conflicts, numbers that don’t make sense or bugs?

Security. Are you comfortable with the different levels of access that staff have to the system? Is it easy to manage permission levels? Are units able to circumvent the system to register in an undesired way?