For each module, we charge a one-time setup fee to get you started and train your team. We then charge a flat fee plus percentage usage fees on an ongoing basis for most modules. See details below.

All inclusive - Customer support, content storage, and data backup for events, facilities, and websites are all included at no extra cost.


Cost Projections

If you’re comparing pricing, we offer a Pricing Calculator to help you determine what your estimated costs with Tentaroo would be.

If you are a current client, you may be locked in to the previous pricing schedule until Dec 31, 2022.  Please, contact Tentaroo for correct pricing.




Full-Family Package

We provide a discount to councils that utilize all Tentaroo services.

$500 Discount /yr

  • Yearly fee for Events Module discounted from $500/yr to $350/yr
  • Yearly fee for Facilities Module discounted from $500/yr to $350/yr
  • Yearly fee for Primary Website discounted from $1,599/yr to $1,399/yr




Events Module Pricing

1% fee is capped at $4.00 per person and is based on the registration fees and class fees you charge for your events. No fees for cancelled events.

$500/yr  1%

One-Time Setup Fee: $795




Facilities Module Pricing

Unlimited properties and facilities. No fees for blackout dates.

$500/yr  1%

One-Time Setup Fee: $795




Websites Module Pricing

Primary Website - INCLUDES 1 free summer camp website


One-Time Setup Fee: $795
SSL certificates included.



Additional Websites (3+)



One-Time Setup Fee: $295.
Add additional sites for other camp programs or your OA Lodge. SSL certificate included.



Subdomain Websites



One-Time Setup Fee: $30.
Sub-site below any of your sites, with the same styling. For example, SSL certificate included.




Form Builder Pricing

Included with all other modules, there is no extra setup fee. The 1% fee is based on online payments received through forms.


1% of Online Payments


Setup Fee: None




Website & Form Builder Maintenance

We'll handle your updates, edits, and image changes so that you don't have to. Please contact us for more details. 


As little as $70 per hour.


Plans: Hourly: $90/hr. 10 prepaid hours: $75/hr. 20 prepaid hours: $70/hr.