Tentaroo Council Websites

We've designed a completely custom Content Management System (CMS) specifically for Boy Scout Councils. This CMS is directly integrated with our other modules so it's easy to manage your entire system in one spot including everything you need for marketing, event registration and facility booking.

Our websites module also empowers your district administrators by providing controlled access to district pages and events. District level permissions come as part of our integrated admin permissions levels that let you select exactly what each user can do across all three modules for specific events, facilities and websites.

The templates we've created offer a uniquely modern website design. They connect directly with your events and facilities so that you'll no longer need to do any double-entry when setting up your events or calendars. This cuts down on your work and reduces the possibility of any errors. The new website templates are also optimized for the mobile experience and always run secure so your users can expect a more streamlined, consistent experience across all of their devices.

Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for you and your units.

Why Transition To A Tentaroo Website?

  1. Communication - Improve communication with units and better market your events and facilities.
  2. Better Calendar - Manage all (Council, District, Training, OA, etc) calendars in a single system. All of the calendars can be displayed in a master Council calendar and/or in separate calendars.
  3. Mobile Optimized - Allow your customers to view your website on mobile devices. Our responsive designs work well on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices. This also improves your Google ranking.
  4. Empower Districts - Give districts the ability to manage district pages and events on the council website.
  5. Integrated - One login to rule them all! Manage multiple websites along with your events and facilities in one system.
  6. Custom Designed for Councils - Built from the ground up with councils in mind.
  7. Secure - Every page of your website will always run in secure mode. This is recommended to prevent hijacking and other attacks. Also, this helps your Google ranking.
  8. Unlimited - Add all the content you want! There are also no limits on bandwidth or data storage.
  9. Donations & Forms - Simple yet powerful forms can be used to create surveys, contact and donation forms. These can also be used for fundraising events or other events where you don't want to use the full events module.
  10. Uniformity - We've designed our templates to encourage uniformity in design while providing great flexibility.
  11. Support - We continue to provide the best customer support in the industry. We offer unlimited phone and video conference support to all our clients!

Today is the day for your council to transition to a new, modern and responsive council website.

Contact Enrique Bellafieri at (888) 651-0153 x 701 or enrique@tentaroo.com to learn more about Council Websites.