Event Registration Module

Tentaroo is the industry leading camp and event management system designed from the ground up for Boy Scout camps. Our Event Registration module is built to support many different types of events, all within one streamlined system.

Many registration methods are supported for your events including just selling tickets (numbers), registering individual participants (names), as well as combined registrations where users purchase tickets in advance and add individuals towards those spots later.

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Requirement Tracking

Tentaroo is a great system for tracking requirements that have been completed at camp towards merit badges. With a single click, you can set which campers have attended on a given day or which campers have completed a specific requirement. You can then override this for specific campers, quickly creating an online record of the camper's current status. Any data entered is immediately viewable by your campers! Many units enjoy the visibility that frequent updates provide, and this is an option provided to you by the Tentaroo requirement tracking system.



Blue Cards

Tentaroo provides several reports to campers that list the requirements that they've completed at camp. These reports can be generated by the camper at any time - even years later! One of the available reports will print the requirements completed in standard blue card form. This report can be generated at any time - by the camp, council or attending camper. This is a huge benefit for units and councils who prefer to work with blue cards.




Tentaroo provides an easy, drag and drop system for creating camper schedules. The scheduling system takes into account any class requirements including age or class size restrictions, class fees, and days and times on which the class is offered. Campers can feel confident that they schedules they create will be valid when they get to camp. No more last minute schedule changes!



Events And Payments

Using Tentaroo, you can easily manage all of your events, from summer camps, to day camps and camporees. With our professional and volunteer experience, we understand what Boy Scout camps need. You'll find that we work very closely with you to understand your events and billing strategies, implementing them in ways that just make sense.



Features Tentaroo Makes Easy for You!

  • Tracking camperships
  • Group or individual discounts
  • Group or individual classes or options
  • Pricing based on payment date
  • Multiple pricing tiers for In-Council, Out-of-Council, Provisional
  • Multiple participant types
  • Drag and drop class selection
  • Automatic free-leader ratio calculations
  • Campsite assignment
  • Event integration with Tentaroo council website(s)
  • Limit classes by age, participant type, capacity
  • Waitlist features.
  • Admin-only classes or options on registration
  • Bus stop pick-up selection
  • Early drop off / late pick-up options with rates
  • Meal selection
  • Printable blue cards
  • and much more...